I've been planning some photoshoots for a little while, I've been wanting to recreate one of my favorite artist's (painter in this case) by doing my own take on them and I had some girls in mind, however after not making up their mind I got together with a couple of local photographers on base and we decided to do something completely different, putting a hold on my plan.

Enter Chantal.

Chantal came to mind because we used to work together and I remember gushing over how gorgeous this girl is. What we had in mind for her was completely different to what we ended up doing, but it was just so hot and muggy that we didn't want to dress her up to have her pass out because of a heat stroke.

This post is about the crazy hot and humid 2 hours we spent on a train making people feel uncomfortable, using Japanese natives as props and overall just having fun. We started our session at the Iwakuni train station.

5 different photogs together, taking over Japan one train station at a time.

Out of the 5 photographers I can say that Tasha takes the cake to when it comes to sense of humor and dynamic. I mean, look at her!

After 20 minutes we arrived in Maezora and that's where the fun began! 





And to end our long trek we visited the Yellow Brick road in Downtown Iwakuni for some gorgeous pictures with a Yourigami Bouquet. (Shout out to Rachel Ugone! She's amazing!)


All in all, I'd like to thank Chantal for being patient and up to do this session with all of us, as well as thanking Tasha Acosta, Lauren Weeks, Nizar Wogan and Stephanie Hansen for sharing a common interest and heading out on this mini adventure with me. I look forward to future ones.