I don't really know Mimi & Paul as far as them being the hip and cool parents of three little and beautiful kids -- all balls of radiant energy that spread smiles wherever they go.

I met Paul about a year or so ago while at work, and every now and then we would exchange a few words and our view on art, and then I met his beauty of a wife Martha, or Mimi how most would call her, about a month or two before Jacob was born, at a time in which I'm sure she grew tired of me asking her how much longer until the inevitable arrival of her little baby boy... and now here we are, a year later of nothing but milestones and a plethora of smiles.

Jacob turned 1!


Somewhere in the mix Mia and Jay wanted pictures as well... so why not?

Congratulations to Paul & Mimi, you guys have one of the most beautiful families I've ever seen. Thank you for choosing me to share this special bond with the world. :)