Today, January 9th is a special day in Japan known as 成人の日/Seijin no Hi or to us - native English speakers - as Coming of Age day. That day when you're no longer a teen; the day you start blossoming into adulthood and with it come all the responsibilities and everything else that tags along with them.

Here in Japan this is a pretty big deal, especially to girls. This day is what Quinceañeras are to my culture. Full on face of make-up, expensive kimonos and smiles plastered everywhere you look. It's a very amazing thing to witness.

Lately, though, I've been dealing with some anxiety so I quit my full-time job with the support of my husband, and have decided to take a small break while something else comes along... meaning that I've got endless amounts of time to spend catching up on my photography.

Insert my mentor asking me to go tag along with her for a Coming of Age photoshoot! It took every ounce of will for me to muster the courage to get in the car and take a train full of people to head up to Hiroshima, but we did it and it was the best decision I've made in a while... So without further rambling, here are our shennanigans for the day!

And then we met with Nizar's clients and shot the day away.

And then we went to a cute little café by the Alpark Mall called Papas Café and we devoured the best Brie toast and capuccino.