For the past two months I've been going to every one of the Landin's Taco Tuesday.

If there's one thing that I've loved about my time with the Landin's is how they make you feel loved and welcomed no matter who you are. By spending time with them I've also come to know the Hillyer family, and to watch the chemistry between these two families is just a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, the Hillyer's time in Iwakuni has come to a close, therefore, here is one of their last Taco Tuesday, documented as candid and raw as possible. These moments will forever stay with us and I hope I did justice to this little night gathering.

Daddy's home!!

Daddy's home!!

Military life is definitely a unique lifestyle and definitely not for everyone, and certainly bittersweet. It gives us so many chances of meeting wonderful families, families that will forever live down as part of our own, and I hope that I did the Landin's and the Hillyer's justice with this photo session. Thank you all for being so amazing.

"The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don't. But, in the end, they're the people you always come home to. Sometimes it's the family you're born into and sometimes it's the one you make for yourself."  -- Candice Bergen