Being in the military or even affiliated to it is no easy task, especially when one day you're living comfortably at home and the next you've got your life packed up in a couple of containers and you're flying halfway across the globe.

As everything the moves come with their pros and cons, but the people you meet while you're halfway across the globe shape you in a way or another, and that's the way it's been for me with little Bert and his family. Dad's overly enthusiastic charisma and mom's nonchalant feisty attitude combined and made this little ham of a kid that I still can't quite understand, is curious and definitely the most spoiled toddler I've met to this day but is also full of cuddles and mischievousness.

Today was Bert's first snow fight with mom, and I had the pleasure of being there to document it so that dad (who is currently away) has memories to keep close and cherish, and that will make him want to hire me for future ones. *wink wink*