I'm not even going to lie, I've been a fan of Caitlyn's ever since I first laid my eyes on her when I would casually see her roaming base. Her style (from head to toe) just screams goth queen and I love it so, so much! 

One day I approached her about a concept photoshoot (which is still on the brainstorming stage, don't think I've forgot about it), and when she saw my work with one of my past clients she came to me saying that she would like to have a family session with me. So I met her and Carmen (my queen!) over some coffee (and a cheeseburger for Carmen) and we got the ball rolling.

We had everything planned out, but the weather and our health did not agree with us to get this session done at the time it was planned, but it did happen two days ago, and can I just say that: a) This family is perf!; and b) Carmen will take over the world one day, and I'm her number one fan. Like, that girl has my heart, for real!

So, here are the Shaw's!