Hey guys! It's been eons, or at least it has felt that way, since I've dropped by the blog.

A lot has happened since I last updated the blog. We've visited family, we've dealt with heatwaves and squalls, our families have faced disasters over the past few months, and... we're pregnant! That's right, the Franco family will be adding a new member this upcoming January, that's why I've been so quiet as of late.

However, I have neglected my blog and my business because I've been wanting some time for myself and the husband before our lives are consumed with an immeasurable amount of love and a mountain of diapers.

In July we went to visit our family in Florida, being in the military the last time we had seen them was in March of 2015 and since then they've been busy with their own wonder child called Sophia, who will make your world spin with her sassiness and all the spark while she sings to the theme song of Elena of Avalor or starts singing along whenever Despacito comes on the radio.


This was our first time meeting Sophia, and man was she something to behold!

It was also the first time I got to witness my husband feel comfortable holding a baby and not hold it awkwardly in fright they may fall. They had so much fun together, it warmed my heart.

As the week went on I got in contact with my favorite photographer (Stephanie Sonju) and asked her if she would mind doing a DITL shoot for us. Once I mentioned there'll be arepas she packed her bags and made her way down to my sister-in-law's camera in hand and ready to spend two hours with us along with sharing some tips and tricks of the trade. 

Sonju's a goddess! 

Sonju's a goddess! 

And here are some of my own pictures I took before the DITL started.

And lucky us, we were in FL long enough to celebrate the 4th of July with our family as well.

And then some fireworks, because it truly is how everything has felt ever since this summer. Amidst the chaos and the unusual, 2017 is definitely a year of many firsts.

Thank you for your time!