David and I are huge DC enthusiasts, and back when we were living in California I had told him he could have his own man-cave to play video games and do all kinds of nerdy things to his heart's content, but slowly we kept adding more comic books, more gaming consoles and more cold cast figures and art to said man-cave and so far our hobby has become quite the collection.

Two years ago he gave me my Bombshell Wonder Woman, a 1940's inspired collectible figure of my favorite super heroine (I guess I'll be making a post on that one next time), and for his birthday last year I decided to one up him and give him the Bombshell version of Black Canary and Mera. So when we found out that they were releasing a Katana Bombshell Version for next month, we had to pre-order it. AND! Lucky devils we are, we ended up receiving her a whole month in advance, and she is #0084 out of 5,000 that were mass produced. :D

Since he's not here, he wanted me to take detail pictures of it and send them to him, and like the good wife I am, I did.