Jashni and I have been friends since like 2013? (I don't exactly know how long, all I know is that it's been a while, ok?) And ever since we met we kicked it off; we have very similar personalities, like about the same stuff (only I'm the anime freak of the two of us), and so do our husbands, so we always enjoy when we get to make fun of both of them in unison (because who doesn't like making fun of their husband, I mean, c'moooon!), and while we've known each other for so long we don't hang out as often as two friends should. 

With that said, I always enjoy having her around because she always helps uplift me and also because she's a gym rat that is always so cheerful and says the funniest things. So today, when she saw that I was home playing with my cats, she called and invited me to go for a walk because it's been a while and because we've both been in some sort of funk, and what better way to get rid of it than to go for a walk to see the ume blossoms at the Kintai and introduce me to gorgeous toy poodle, Kuni!

So, here's a look into a day in our low maintenance friendship. May it survive for a thousand decades.

Friendships built on a solid foundation that consists of ice cream, cute pets and silly husbands last a lifetime.

"They say nothing lasts forever... dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style."  -- Candice Bushnell